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Boiler Grants – A Step By Step Guide ( Updated for 2019 )


Boiler grants have been made available to the whole of the UK courtesy of the Government Funded Affordable Warmth Scheme.

This scheme has been especially designed to help low-income household’s access government funding to reduce the cost of heating their homes.

As part of the scheme, boiler grants have been introduces as well as various insulation measures.

The Free Boiler Grant Scheme has now been running since 2013 and over a million grant boilers have already been installed.

What Are Boiler Grants?

Why A Boiler Grant Scheme?


The government recognises that new boilers are very expensive (Average boiler exchange price is £2300) and many people in receipt of low income benefits would not be able to afford to change their boilers without some assistance.

Hence this grant has been introduced and it has proved to be very popular with the whole of the UK.

The scheme was previously a Free Boiler Scheme where as long as you were in receipt of a benefit, you could have a boiler fitted free of charge.  Since Oct 2017, however the grants for boilers are not fully funded and EVERYONE has to pay a little something towards it.

Joe Public has been very reluctant to pay however and many are choosing to have multiple surveys in the hope of getting it free.

These freeloaders unfortunately will have to dip into their pockets as no one will be able to assist them.


Government Website For More Information

If you want to learn more about the ECO / Boiler Gant Scheme please visit the GOV.UK website.


Are The Boilers Fully Funded?


In previous years the boiler grant scheme was 100 % fully funded but this was discontinued in Oct 2017.

The New Government Boiler Grant Scheme in 2019 now funds up to 80% of the price of a new boiler for most properties. Everyone has to now contribute to the cost with the average contribution from the customer being around £499 fully fitted.

 In a small number of cases, there are 4 bedroom solid wall properties that achieve 100% grant .


Are The Boiler Grants Repayable?


All Boiler Grants that are granted are non-repayable, and therefore will not have to be paid back even if you move house in the near future.

You will also be able to re-apply in your new house if the boiler in your new house and your benefit status meet the criteria.

Who Qualifies For a Grant Boiler?


Home owners only with a boiler over 7 years old .

People need to be in receipt of a low income benefit as below

 Most income-related benefits, and disability benefits qualify for Affordable Warmth Scheme Funding which funds the boiler grants.

See List Below For Details

  • Child tax credits
  • Working tax credits
  • Income-related ESA
  • Income-related JSA
  • Income support
  • Universal tax credits
  • Pension credits
  • PIP / DLA


How is my New Replacement Boiler at Reduced Cost?

The UK has been set very large targets to reduce the carbon footprint of its housing stock by 2030.

The Energy Company Obligation has been set up to ensure the UK will hit this target.

Of course this will have to be paid for by the taxpayer and so the government have built in to everybody’s bills is a small percentage of money which is paid towards this Green Tax.

 This money is controlled by the Big Six energy suppliers who are obliged to spend it on insulation and heating measures over the next 10 yrs. or so to meet the targets set.

The priority for the UK is for the more vulnerable people in society to benefit from this money first so anyone on Low Income Benefits should check if they can apply.

How Much Money Do You save By Replacing Your Boiler?

By replacing your old, in-efficient or broken boiler with a brand new, A-rated boiler you could reduce your energy bills by up to £300 per/year.

Example – If your current boiler is only 65% efficient, (back boilers are notoriously inefficient)  this means that for every £1 you spend on your heating, 35p is quite literally being wasted.

Modern condensing boilers are 90% + efficient so you will only waste   10p for every £1 spent on heating.


How Much Do New Boilers Cost

This depends on the type of installation you need.

A typical combi boiler swap or regular/system boiler should cost around £2000 -£2,500.

If you require a more complex conversion, your new boiler will cost you around £3,000 -£3500

What Boilers are Fitted On This Scheme?

Depending on your installer, there are many excellent models being fitted on this scheme. The most popular models are

  • Worcester Bosch
  • Vaillant
  • Ideal Logic
  • Potterton
  • Baxi
  • Veisseman


Are The Boilers Guaranted?


All boilers that are fitted as part of the Boiler Grant Scheme come with a minimum 2 Year parts & Labour Warranty.

In some cases, you will get a 5 year warranty but you need to confirm this with your installer.

In most cases , for a small fee you can pay to extend your warranty to 5 or even 10 years.


What Is The Procedure To Apply

It is a very simple procedure to apply.  Please visit this page here and fill in the simple 2 minute form.

  • When we receive the form, we immediately will contact you and confirm your eligibility.
  • We take your date of birth for data match as well as details of your existing boiler.
  • We then apply on your behalf with one of our local approved installers.
  • Our installer will contact you and book a survey usually within 7 days.
  • All being well your boiler will be fitted the following week.

Boiler Grants For Disabled

The Scheme was adjusted in October 2018 to allow people in receipt of Disabled Benefits to be able to apply for Boiler Grants and Home Insulation for the first time.

They had previously not been able to apply as disabled benefits are not means tested benefits. The government have had a change of heart and now have allowed then to be eligible.

Boiler Grants – New Benefits Introduced

  • Disability Living Allowance DLA
  • Personal Independence Payment PIP
  • Carers Allowance
  • Attendance Allowance
  • Industrial Injuries


Age Concern Boiler Grants

Elderly people usually qualify if they are in receipt of a disability benefit or Guaranteed Pension Credit.

The normal State Pension does not qualify for grant funding at the moment but the Government are looking into it for the future.


No Benefits – Can I Apply For A Boiler Grant ?


Another way of qualifying for Boiler Grants if you are not in receipt of any benefits is to approach your local council to see if they have a Local Authority Flex Scheme in place.

LA Flex Schemes allow people not on benefits to apply if they meet certain council criteria.

Look on your local council website for their statement of intent which will itemise their qualifying conditions which usually has low income elements and subject to you having a health condition.

Many councils in the UK are now taking part so do take the time to find out more.


Free Boiler Scheme – Why Are The Boilers No Longer Free?


The free boiler scheme ended in October 2017

The government recognised that the scheme was open to abuse and lots of tax payers money was not utilised properly for the good of the whole UK.

Lots of people tried (and did) take advantage of what should have been an excellent scheme.

Sadly the scheme was not very well thought out to take into account the various misuse of funding.

Anomalies include:

  • Perfectly functioning 5 year old boilers being replaced because it was free
  • People having combi conversions ( worth up to £3000) because it was free
  • People taking the piss and insisting on oversized boilers 34kw -38kw -42 Kw because it was free.

Thankfully introducing a charge has curbed this blatant misuse of public money for the greedy people in society.

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